Mac vs PC Infographic

Compared to PC users, those with Macs are more likely to be college educated, live in cities and throw parties. On TV they like watching The Daily Show and Friday Night Lights. PC users, meanwhile, watch The Newshour with Jim Lehrer and Smallville. They are better at math than Mac people, and more likely to dress casually.

Those are some of the conclusions of a survey conducted by, a personalized internet search engine. And they are among some of the factoids you’ll find on the infographic we’ve attached below.

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The Dell Inspiron Duo
Tablet-Netbook Convertible

Would you rather have a tablet or netbook computer? That can be a tough choice. Do you choose a built-in keyboard or a touchscreen? Mobiles apps or a full operating system?

Dell doesn’t want you to have to choose. Instead, they sought to offer the best of both worlds in their new device: the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible.

When folded open, the Inspiron Duo looks like a notebook. It acts like one too, running a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Then fold down the top, flip the screen open, and the Inspiron Duo becomes a touchscreen tablet PC running a mobile version of Windows 7.

Here’s Spot Cool Stuff’s take on the pros and cons of this netbook-tablet computer:

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$99 Deal for an
Unlocked Streak 5 Android Tablet

Dell’s ultra-portable Android tablet computer—The Streak 5—is regularly available in the United States at a discounted price of $99 . . . if you agree to get your device locked to a particular cell company and sign up for a two-year service plan.

But what if I want an unlocked Streak 5 for that same $99 price? you ask. For the time being, Dell is offering exactly that!

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How To Best Configure a
New MacBook Pro
spot cool stuff TECH

The 2011 updated version of the Apple MacBook Pro is out. The majority of the improvements over the previous MacBook Pro incarnation are performance related. The most significant of those: new quad-core Intel processors that increase speed nearly 100%. There’s also a new graphics processor (three times faster than the old MacBooks), an HD camera for video chats, a somewhat more powerful battery and a “Thunderbolt” port that can connect to HD displays and transfer data at a blazing 10GB per second.

Though every new MacBook Pro has those improvements not every model offers the same configuration. You, the consumer, have choices to make. 4GB of memory or 8GB? An HDD or flash drive? The speed of the Intel i5 processor vs the i7? And so on.

Here’s Spot Cool Stuff’s take on how to most cost-efficiently configure the latest generation Apple MacBook Pro.

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The World’s Thinnest Consumer Netbook

Move over Apple MacBook Air. The thinnest laptop on the consumer market is now made by Dell: The Adamo XPS.

Measuring in at a mere 10mm (0.4 inches) thick, and sporting a bright screen and slick form factor, the XPS just looks cool. But is it a novelty item or a netbook worth buying?

Spot Cool Stuff’s verdict:

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The Viliv S5 Net-Tablet PC

The S5 is the smallest consumer device capable of running a full version of Windows

In our holiday review of 10 Superb Travel Gifts we suggested a cool MID (Mobile Internet Device) with built in wi-fi, GPS and HD 720p video playback functionality, a 4.8-inch screen and a long battery life:

The Viliv S5.

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What Apple’s Rumored Tablet Means To You Now

Depending on what source you believe, it will be called the iSlate or the MacPad or the iTablet or the MacBook Tablet.

It will have a touchscreen that will be 7 inches diagonally. Or 10 inches. Or 11 inches.

The device will be a piece of junk that will cause a massive crash in Apple’s stock price, recently pumped up by the tablet netbook rumors. Or it will be a revolutionary must-have item that will create a whole new product category, spell the end of the competitor’s netbooks and e-reading devices and propel Apple to still greater heights.

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Get a Netbook and a Desktop for the Price of One

Thanks to Justin of the Wandering Justin Travel Blog for bringing this one to our attention:

Get a highly portable laptop computer and a compact desktop computer for the price of one!

That’s the deal the startup—and environmentally friendly—Cherrypal computer company is offering through For a mere $400 here’s what you’ll get:

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