The World’s Thinnest Consumer Netbook

Move over Apple MacBook Air. The thinnest laptop on the consumer market is now made by Dell: The Adamo XPS.

Measuring in at a mere 10mm (0.4 inches) thick, and sporting a bright screen and slick form factor, the XPS just looks cool. But is it a novelty item or a netbook worth buying?

Spot Cool Stuff’s verdict:

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Get a Netbook and a Desktop for the Price of One

Thanks to Justin of the Wandering Justin Travel Blog for bringing this one to our attention:

Get a highly portable laptop computer and a compact desktop computer for the price of one!

That’s the deal the startup—and environmentally friendly—Cherrypal computer company is offering through For a mere $400 here’s what you’ll get:

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$350 Lightweight Laptop Showdown: Acer vs Asus
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It is amazing the kind of lightweight, long battery life laptop $350 will buy these days. That’s the going rate for two superb highly portable netbooks: the Acer Aspire One and the Asus Eee PC. Both are excellent computers but each has some flaws too. Which should you choose? Read on . . .

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MacBook Air
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Apples touts the latest addition to its MacBook series by claiming it’s “unlike anything else.” But what’s amazing about the MacBook Air is that it looks exactly like a regular MacBook when viewed from above — both have nearly identical bright glossy screens and comfortable keyboards. When you look at the MacBook Air from the side, that’s when you say WOW. Then you find out that the MacBook Air sports multi-touch mouse pad, 13.3 inch screen, built-in camera, wireless connectivity (to optical drives as well as to the internet) and a standard 1.6Ghz processor. And then you say WOW again. The one drawback we were initially skeptical about was the durability of the thin casing. After a few weeks of testing we are no longer skeptical about the rugged MacBook Air.


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