The Mitsubishi 92-inch (!) 3D HDTV Set

The stated aim of Mitsubishi’s television division: To bring the movie theater experience into people’s home.

To that end, Mitsubishi today unveiled a new 3D HDTV set that has—if we may use the technical term for it—a big ass screen. 92 diagonal inches of ass, to be specific. 92 inches! That’s a full foot longer than LeBron James is tall.

When it becomes available to the general public sometime in the summer of 2011 this new Mitsubishi will be the world’s largest consumer 3D television set.

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The World’s First Consumer 3D Camcorder
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How do you go about designing the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder? The answer doesn’t require an engineering degree: You start with an excellent 2D camcorder.

That’s exactly what Panasonic did. It took its superb HDC-TM700 camcorder as a base model and then integrated extra dimensional recording capability. The result: the Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder.

So how well does the final product work? And should you consider jumping on the 3D camcorder bandwagon? Our pros, cons and verdict:

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Is Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray Player Worth It?

The slew of new 3D movies coming to theaters means that a slew of new 3D Blu-Ray discs will not be far behind. But to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies in your home you’ll need a compatible player. So Spot Cool Stuff tried out one of the first mass market 3D Blu-Ray players—the Samsung BD-C6900—and asked Is it worth the $350 price tag?

Here’s our verdict:

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Today, Touchable Holograms. Next, a Holodeck?
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If the world of Star Trek were real Spot Cool Stuff would probably spend the majority of our time in a holodeck—a computer generated world fantasy world in which everything feels real. So it is probably for the best that holodecks are fictional. Or, at least, fictional at the moment. Researchers at Tokyo University have come up with a technology that makes holodecks a step closer to reality—”touchable” holograms.

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