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Is Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray Player Worth It?

The slew of new 3D movies coming to theaters means that a slew of new 3D Blu-Ray discs will not be far behind. But to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies in your home you’ll need a compatible player. So Spot Cool Stuff tried out one of the first mass market 3D Blu-Ray players—the Samsung BD-C6900—and asked Is it worth the $350 price tag?

Here’s our verdict:

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Turn Your USB Drive into an HD Media Player

You have a great HD television set. And you have all sorts of great hi-def videos and photos on your computer. But how to link the two up?

Most people either set up a complex home networking system, cope with constant plugging and unplugging of cables and drivers, or burn their videos onto a disc and play them on a DVD player. But there’s a more elegant, and surprisingly inexpensive solution: Western Digital’s HD Media Player.

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HP’s Smart MediaSmart Server

In the United States, nearly 60% of computer-owning households have more than one computer. The figure is even higher in Sweden and South Korea, and nearly as high in Germany, Canada and England. For all those multi-computer households—especially households with a mix of laptops and desktops or a mix of Mac and PC—the HP MediaSmart Server is a very cool, and wise, investment.

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The Keyboard PC Returns

Here’s a product we’re sure to be writing a full review for after it comes out in late May or early June: The Asus Eee Keyboard PC. As in, a keyboard that’s also a PC. Not a keyboard for a PC.

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