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Justin Bieber and the
Vietnamese Entertainment Robot
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The most surreal moment at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show—and the competition for that honor is stiff—is surely Justin Bieber introducing the mRobo, a toy robot from the Vietnam based company Tosy.

So what does the teen pop idol have to do with Vietnamese robots?

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Bangkok’s Robot Restaurant
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The day may come when machines overthrow the human race and our robot overlords force us mortals to serve at their will. Until then, we can suggest going for a meal at the Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the Hajime robots not only serve food to customers but also dance for them. (This makes the Hajime Robot Restaurant is the only establishment in Bangkok that has a tagline promising to “serve your every need” and that features dancing waiters and that’s also child-friendly).

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The Future of Robotics Is In the Gutter
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We were very skeptical that the Looj would be able to get our gutters anything close to clean. Household robotic machines, after all, are best at routine tasks like making your coffee or grinding your beans to put into the coffee maker. Cleaning gutters is anything but predictable. There aren’t only loose leaves up there but packed pine needles, twigs, rodents (both alive and not), sticks, mud, Frisbees and an old set of our car keys.

Enter the Looj from iRobot.

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The Erector Spykee Transforming Spy Robot

The Erector Spykee is recommended for kids as young as 8 years old but, really, what adult wouldn’t want an MP3 playing, wifi enabled, Skype communicating, remote controlled spy robot?

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The Snow Shoveling Robot

It is snowing outside our office windows here at Spot Cool Stuff. We are inside and cozy now, typing these words to you fine people and nursing a warm cup of tea. But we know it is only a matter of minutes before we dig out a warm hat, attempt to find matching gloves and walk into the wintry outdoors to clear the snow off our driveway.

Today would be a perfect day to have an I-Shovel.

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