Waterproof Your Smartphone—Without a Case

Since returning from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show the question we’ve been asked most is: What was the coolest thing you saw?

After some contemplation, we’ve settled on our answer: Liquipel. It’s a nanotechnology service that waterproofs electronic gadgets without adding any weight to a device or any altering it in any discernible way.

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The Refrigerator That Will Cool a Beer In Under 5 Minutes

The Blast Chiller can also chill a bottle of champagne in about eight minutes.

Where was this when we were in college? A refrigerator that can chill a can of beer from room temperature to ice cold in about four-and-a-half minutes. The ‘fridge is the Ultra-Capacity French Door Refrigerator from LG. Its fast cooling drawer is called the “Blast Chiller.”

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Justin Bieber and the
Vietnamese Entertainment Robot
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The most surreal moment at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show—and the competition for that honor is stiff—is surely Justin Bieber introducing the mRobo, a toy robot from the Vietnam based company Tosy.

So what does the teen pop idol have to do with Vietnamese robots?

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The World’s Thinnest Smartphone
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“Thinner and Brighter” could be the unofficial moto of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. One tech company taking that to an extreme is China-based Huawei (pronounced “Wah-Way”). At CES, they unveiled the Ascend P1 S, the world’s thinnest smartphone.

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Have Bag Will Charge Gadgets
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A handful of companies have been working on bags with built-in batteries capable of charging gadgets on-the-go. Most of those efforts have relied on slow and fussy solar panels to charge the bag. A few others are either very expensive or don’t work well. One very promising battery bag from Quirky, a cool online store of crowdsourced products, spent a year available for pre-order but never went into production.

So Spot Cool Stuff is thrilled that there’s one company getting it right: Powerbag.

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4 Consumer Tech Trends For 2012
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All this week, Spot Cool Stuff will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition to being the largest trade show of any sort in the world, CES is a harbinger for the year ahead in technology. It’s where many electronics companies and gadget manufactures set forth their vision for the new year.

So what new tech will you likely see in 2012? Here’s the rundown of the four basic trends we’re seeing:

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Just In Case, iHome’s New Speaker Dock

How many different iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch speaker docks does the world need?

The tech industry seems to think it needs many hundreds. At least that’s the impression one gets roaming around CES 2011, where it seems everyone from the mega-electronics companies to the relatives of Bob Marley is coming out with an Apple iDevice dock.

Curiously, the vast majority of these docks are designed under the assumption that the iPod/Pad/Phone is not inside a case. One exception stood out to us: the iHome iA100B.

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The Mitsubishi 92-inch (!) 3D HDTV Set

The stated aim of Mitsubishi’s television division: To bring the movie theater experience into people’s home.

To that end, Mitsubishi today unveiled a new 3D HDTV set that has—if we may use the technical term for it—a big ass screen. 92 diagonal inches of ass, to be specific. 92 inches! That’s a full foot longer than LeBron James is tall.

When it becomes available to the general public sometime in the summer of 2011 this new Mitsubishi will be the world’s largest consumer 3D television set.

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