6 Cool End-of-the-Year Tech Deals

Is it the best point-and-shoot camera you can buy? Definitely not. But is it the best value? Heck yes, says Spot Cool Stuff.

It’s Cyber Monday! Online deals for gadgets and electronic stuff abound. But which products are a genuine good deal as opposed to only being, well, cheap?

Here’s a look at six tech products in the former category. Our selections range greatly in price (from $35 to almost $5,000) but each represents a high value in its own way. Each is also an item Spot Cool Stuff loves.

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Is 1080p the Highest Resolution?
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Sometimes terms are tossed around a lot with little explanation as to what they actually mean. This is no different for video quality. One term you have probably heard is “1080p.” This is a term used to describe high-definition video resolution, and it is often referred to as the highest resolution for home video.

However, this still doesn’t explain much. To help, here is an explanation of what 1080p is and whether or not it is actually the highest resolution possible.

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The Mitsubishi 92-inch (!) 3D HDTV Set

The stated aim of Mitsubishi’s television division: To bring the movie theater experience into people’s home.

To that end, Mitsubishi today unveiled a new 3D HDTV set that has—if we may use the technical term for it—a big ass screen. 92 diagonal inches of ass, to be specific. 92 inches! That’s a full foot longer than LeBron James is tall.

When it becomes available to the general public sometime in the summer of 2011 this new Mitsubishi will be the world’s largest consumer 3D television set.

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The Best Inexpensive HDTVs
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If you think HDTVs are those sets in the department store’s television section with eye catching picture quality but with a price you can’t afford, think again.

High definition television prices have fallen dramatically over the last years, especially at the online discounters such as Amazon and Buy.com. But not all HDTVs offer spectacular picture quality. We’ve separated those HDTVs that are cheap for a reason from those that offer high quality at low prices.

Here’s are rundown of the high value HDTVs by screen size:

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Philips And The Birth Of Ultra-Wide HDTV. Maybe.

We love HDTV not only because the picture is superior to the old fashion television sets but because of the wider 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Which is why one upcoming television has really caught our eye: The Philips Cinema 21:9.

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