The 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech StoreThe 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech Store

The 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech Store

Smartwatches, clip-on cameras and activity trackers

An Affordable <i>and</i> Full-Featured SmartphoneAn Affordable <i>and</i> Full-Featured Smartphone

An Affordable and Full-Featured Smartphone

A review of the LG Optimus L90

The 3 Best Laptop Computers Under $300The 3 Best Laptop Computers Under $300

The 3 Best Laptop Computers Under $300

Reviews of the Acer C720, HP Chromebook 14 and Gateway LT41P04u

Learn Trick and Special Effect PhotographyLearn Trick and Special Effect Photography

Learn Trick and Special Effect Photography

Evan Sharboneau’s cool photography e-course

Small Package. Big Streaming Media.Small Package. Big Streaming Media.

Small Package. Big Streaming Media.

The surprisingly cool, inexpensive Roku 3

Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth KeyboardKanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard

Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard

Three simultaneously Bluetooth connections from a single keyboard

Can Artificial Gills Allow Humans To Breathe Underwater?Can Artificial Gills Allow Humans To Breathe Underwater?

Can Artificial Gills Allow Humans To Breathe Underwater?

The Triton Oxygen Respirator: cool looking, scientifically unsound

6 Cool End-of-the-Year Tech Deals6 Cool End-of-the-Year Tech Deals

6 Cool End-of-the-Year Tech Deals

Genuinely great gadgets — at bargain prices

The 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech Store

It has been about five weeks now since launched their wearable technology store. Smartwatches, activity trackers, body-mountable cameras, connected eyeglasses — wearable tech encompasses pretty much any item that 1) includes a microprocessor and 2) is meant to be worn. Go figure.

Many prognosticators believe “wearable” will be the next Big Thing in technology. (Spot Cool Stuff believes so too, though we see it taking off later than most experts and view 3D printing as being the bigger next Big Thing). At the moment, though, Amazon’s new wearable tech store has rather slim pickings.

Slim. But not entirely devoid of cool products. Here are our five favorites:

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An Affordable and Full-Featured Smartphone

Yesterday, T-Mobile added a new entry-level smartphone in T-Mobile’s arsenal: the LG Optimus L90. People new to the smartphone market (of which there seem to be fewer and fewer) might just find the L90 to be the phone that brings them to the other side. Not just because it offers a number of cool and attractive features, but also because T-Mobile has, as of late, made real inroads into the wireless marketplace.

The company’s 4G LTE network now covers 96 percent of all Americans, more than any other provider, and they continue to offer unique offers, such as reimbursing new customers for any early termination fees they incur. The potential benefits of such a pairing are somewhat plain to see: match a great, affordable phone with comprehensive and affordable coverage, and there’s not much to like. Of course, with benefits like these, the LG Optimus L90 might be a perfect replacement for your current smartphone as well. Read on:

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The 3 Best Laptop Computers Under $300

Three bills. That’s all you need to get a quality laptop. It won’t be a laptop with a huge screen or an ultra-fast processor. It won’t run complex video-editing programs or graphics-intensive games. But it can be a laptop that’s lightweight, well-built and more than capable of performing the basic array of computer tasks — emailing, web surfing, streaming videos, running spreadsheets and word processors, et al — if you know which ones to buy.

Spot Cool Stuff took a look every laptop computer that’s available for $300 or less. Here’s a review of our three favorites:

The Acer C720, which, amazingly costs less than $200!

The HP Chromebook 14, with head-turning looks and a 9-hour battery life.

The Gateway LT41P04u, which runs a full version of Windows 8 and features a touchscreen.

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Learn Trick and Special Effect Photography

The incredible photos you see on this page seem like the sorts of shots you need to be a professional photographer or PhotoShop genius to create. In truth, you needn’t be either. Almost anyone with a digital SLR and a dash of creativity can take stunning, surreal shots — if they know how.

That’s where Evan Sharboneau comes in. Sharboneau, a photographer extraordinaire, has gathered his years of experience into one condensed (and incredibly cool) course: Trick Photography And Special Effects — The Ultimate Guide of Tricks, Techniques and Ideas that Create Mind-Twising Images.

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Small Package. Big Streaming Media.
spot cool stuff TECH

Big things come in small packages, they say.

“They” must certainly have a Roku 3 Streaming Media Player. It’s Spot Cool Stuff’s new favorite way to watch streaming videos and on-demand television — and cost-effective too.

It works like this: You connect the little Roku 3 box to the internet, either through an Ethernet cable or wifi. Then you hook the box up to your HD television1 via an HDMI cable. And — voilà — you are ready to watch television (and listen to music and play games . . . more on that in a moment).

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