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The 5 Best Products in Amazon’s Wearable Tech Store

It has been about five weeks now since launched their wearable technology store. Smartwatches, activity trackers, body-mountable cameras, connected eyeglasses — wearable tech encompasses pretty much any item that 1) includes a microprocessor and 2) is meant to be worn. Go figure.

Many prognosticators believe “wearable” will be the next Big Thing in technology. (Spot Cool Stuff believes so too, though we see it taking off later than most experts and view 3D printing as being the bigger next Big Thing). At the moment, though, Amazon’s new wearable tech store has rather slim pickings.

Slim. But not entirely devoid of cool products. Here are our five favorites:

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The World’s Worst Dog
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Last year humans world wide spent an estimated US$100 billion on products for dogs. With a market that big is it surprising that some of those products would be, shall we say, sub-optimal?

With that in mind Spot Cool Stuff decided to take one of our occasional breaks in our quest for superlative stuff and look instead for the worst. In this case, the worst dog products we could find.

If you’re more feline inclined don’t feel left out—we’ll review the worst cat gadgets and products in the future. Sign up for our tech RSS feed to get that, and all our tech articles, delivered to you by email. Or join us on Twitter or Facebook, to be notified when that comes out.

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The Rosetta Bone
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Almost every dog lover has at some point dreamed of being able understand exactly what canines are saying with their barks and growls. Doing its dog-ged best to fulfill that fantasy—or at least profit off it—is the manufacturer of the BowLingual Voice, an electronic dog-to-human language translator.

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The GPS System For Your Dog
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Every time we see one of those LOST DOG posters on the bulletin board at the local coffee shop our first thought is for the people missing their beloved pet. Our second thought is one of thanks that it isn’t our pooch staring back at us from the photo on that stapled poster. There but for the grace of God, we think. And for the RoamEO dog GPS system.

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