It’s Inexpensive and Electric. But Will This Car Sell?
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This is not another post about some futuristic electric concept car that exists only in artistic renderings. This post isn’t about a car prototype or about a car that’s scheduled for production. The MyCar, from the NICE Motor Company, is an electric car that’s in showrooms today. You can take it for a test drive and purchase today. At least, you could if you lived in London.

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Aptera Electrifies The Race For The Car 2.0

There’s a race on to develop the technology that will power the next generation of cars.

Some of the biggest and smartest car companies, such as Honda and BMW, are making huge bets that hydrogen is going to replace oil as the car fuel of choice. (To wit: The Honda FC Sport we recently reviewed). Another group of car companies, mostly small start-ups based in the greater San Francisco area, think the next automotive paradigm involves electric power.

Of that second group of car companies, one of the most promising startups is Aptera and its soon-to-go-into-production 2e model.

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How To Charge an iPod with an Onion, Sports Drink

No, we didn’t mis-categorize this post. Onions and all sports drinks containing electrolytes (such as Gatorade) are indeed iPod accessories.

And yes, we mean a real, actual, everyday onion. This isn’t some sort of clever reference to the humor magazine The Onion.

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The Coming 235 mpg Volkswagen

The futuristic looking 1-Liter Volkswagen already has quite a bit of history: The car was completed as a concept model in 2002 then shelved as a production vehicle in 2005. And then revived when fuel prices soared in 2008. Because the 1-Liter gets a remarkable 235 mpg (which translates to 0.83 liters of fuel used for every 100km)!

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