Should You Upgrade To an iPhone 5c or 5s?

Every time Apple announces an upcoming iPhone, the first post on Spot Cool Stuff’s tech blog is written especially with current iPhone owners. And it centers around a single question:

Should you upgrade to the new iPhone?

Today, we are answering that question twice. That’s because, for the first time, Apple announced two new iPhone models: The iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.

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2 Cool iPhone Keyboard Cases
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Those readers among you who are of a certain age will remember when a Blackberry was the smartphone to have. Of those, most probably owned a Blackberry. And of those, most probably miss the Blackberry keyboard. It was a real keyboard, not a virtual one, with click-y, tactile, pleasant-to-use keys.

In an effort to recreate a quality keyboard experience for iPhone users, several case manufacturers have found ways to incorporate a keyboard into their products. Most of those offer a rather suboptimal experience. Some are downright dreadful. But a few work quite while. Of those Spot Cool Stuff tried, two stand out especially: the Nuu MiniKey and the Spike SoloMatrix. Our review of both . . .

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Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone 5?

When Apple has a major product new launch, a lot of websites will give you the specs and highlights of latest iWhatever. At Spot Cool Stuff, we do that too. But then we focus on the practical questions at hand: Whether or not the new product is worth spending your money on.

That was our approached when the iPhone 4S launched. So it was with the release of the 3rd generation iPad. And now we turn our attention to Apple’s latest announcement: Should you upgrade to the new iPhone 5?

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Waterproof Your Smartphone—Without a Case

Since returning from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show the question we’ve been asked most is: What was the coolest thing you saw?

After some contemplation, we’ve settled on our answer: Liquipel. It’s a nanotechnology service that waterproofs electronic gadgets without adding any weight to a device or any altering it in any discernible way.

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8 Cool Gifts For iPhone Enthusiasts
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The iPhone 4S is the best selling smart phone of all time. Chances are high that at least one person on your gift list is an enthusiast of Apple’s multi-purpose device. But how to find a gift that taps into that enthusiasm? Here’s our choice of eight creative iPhone-related ideas:

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A MegaPhone For Your iPhone
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The new Apple iPhone 4S has a decent speaker (considering the phone’s tiny size). Here’s the cool and artistic way to get an iPhone to sound even better, or at least louder: Place the iPhone atop a MegaPhone.

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Is Upgrading to iPhone 4S Worth It?
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Apple just announced the latest iPhone: the iPhone 4S.

Those who expected a schmancy new iPhone 5 to be released were disappointed. The iPhone 4S has the same form factor as the iPhone 4. With the exception of the Siri voice functionality (see below), all the software enhancements will be bundled into the new iOS 5 operating system and thus will be available on old iPhones too.

Given that, is it worth upgrading to an iPhone 4S? Yes and no . . .

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The Super Iomega SuperHero

At first glance it looks like a mild-mannered iPhone and iPod charging dock. But when you need to backup your iDevices’s contacts and photos, or synch those with your computer, it transforms into an Iomega SuperHero.

That’s because this sleek little iPhone charging dock has two hidden powers:

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