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Gifts for Tech-Loving Travelers

Most readers of this blog have people on their gift list who love traveling with gadgets. Okay, most readers of this blog are people who love traveling with gadgets.

Yet hardly anyone has all five (or even one) of the cool gift suggestions reviewed below, gifts designed to help tech-loving travelers watch, hear, power and organize their gadgetry better. Our selections each range from $9 to $299 and come with a WOW factor!

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Stream Music Wirelessly
To Old Wired Speakers
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The Griffin Twenty audio amplifier for the Airport Express is named such because it is offers a speaker output of twenty watts per channel. But it could be named that because the Griffin Twenty can bring new life to your twenty-year-old speakers.
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A MegaPhone For Your iPhone
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The new Apple iPhone 4S has a decent speaker (considering the phone’s tiny size). Here’s the cool and artistic way to get an iPhone to sound even better, or at least louder: Place the iPhone atop a MegaPhone.

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The Beach Towel With Built-In Speakers

The Italian company hi-Fun specializes in adding speakers to items that aren’t necessarily improved by their addition. (They also seem expert at added a “hi-” prefix to their product names). The company makes the hi-Sleep, which is a pillow with built-in speakers. There’s the hi-Head, a hat with built-in speakers. And the hi-George is a teddy bear that can both hug an iPod and blast tunes out of its feet.

The hi-product that most caught our attention? The hi-Sun—a beach towel with built-in speakers.

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Sonos: Music Throughout Your House, Wirelessly

You are hosting a cocktail party and want music—the same music—playing in your living room, your dining room and your outside patio. You want to control your music from a single source but don’t want to run wires all over your house.

The Sonos Multi-Room Music System is exactly what you are looking for.

Sonos is a modular system that creates a wireless network linking multiple speakers with multiple audio sources. With Sonos you can play a CD or an MP3 or stream internet radio and listen on any, or all, of the network’s speakers.

At least you can theoretically. As will all products we test, Spot Cool Stuff started out skeptical of the Sonos system; we were especially dubious of Sonos’ claim that this complicated-sounding speaker network would be easy to set up. Here’s what we found:

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The Speakers Where Form Meets Function, Again

These speakers are the design equivalent of one of those cool nightclubs that have metallic beams and exposed pipes.

Spot Cool Stuff previously reviewed the Sorapot, a teapot designed by Joey Roth, under the headline Form Meets Function.

The exact same headline would applies to American designer’s second commercially available product: The Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers.

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Is Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray Player Worth It?

The slew of new 3D movies coming to theaters means that a slew of new 3D Blu-Ray discs will not be far behind. But to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies in your home you’ll need a compatible player. So Spot Cool Stuff tried out one of the first mass market 3D Blu-Ray players—the Samsung BD-C6900—and asked Is it worth the $350 price tag?

Here’s our verdict:

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Play Music With Lasers
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The Beamz Interactive Music System lets even the most musically untalented get their groove on

What instrument does Yo-Yo Ma joke that he’ll give up his cello for, and lets you crank out a Van Halen-like guitar solo and can be competently played by even the most musically untalented without a single lesson?

It’s the Beamz Interactive Music System.

And, oh yeah, you play it with lasers.

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