The Best Inexpensive HDTVs
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If you think HDTVs are those sets in the department store’s television section with eye catching picture quality but with a price you can’t afford, think again.

High definition television prices have fallen dramatically over the last years, especially at the online discounters such as Amazon and But not all HDTVs offer spectacular picture quality. We’ve separated those HDTVs that are cheap for a reason from those that offer high quality at low prices.

Here’s are rundown of the high value HDTVs by screen size:

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Philips And The Birth Of Ultra-Wide HDTV. Maybe.

We love HDTV not only because the picture is superior to the old fashion television sets but because of the wider 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Which is why one upcoming television has really caught our eye: The Philips Cinema 21:9.

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Turn Your BlackBerry Into A Universal Remote Control

In addition to using your BlackBerry to make phone calls, write emails and play BrickBreaker, you can now use it to change the channels on your TV, pause your Blu-Ray player and program your TiVO. That thanks to a new app that gives your BlackBerry all the functionality of a universal remote control.

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Watch Your Home TV Channels On Your Laptop, Or Mobile Phone, From Virtually Anywhere

You’ve recorded the big game on your digital video recorder at home. But you are stuck in an airport lounge half a world away. If you have a broadband internet connection where you are, and either a computer (Mac or PC) or a mobile phone (running Windows mobile), you needn’t wait until you get home to watch your recording.

With a Slingbox console anything you can watch on your home television you can watch on your laptop via the internet or on your cell phone via a 3G network. That includes live TV. How cool is that!

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The Cool Media Center That Happens To Be A PC

While running its proprietary software the Shuttle D10 doesn't look like a Windows-based PC but like one of the world's coolest stereo systems.

Like an increasing number of other people, Spot Cool Stuff has a PC dedicated to playing media. We use ours mostly for music. (We can’t remember the last time we touched a CD—our computer is our stereo system). Others also use a PC as a digital video recorder, taping their favorite shows and then watching them, via PC, on their television.

The main problems with having a media-centric PC is that it doesn’t look very attractive and it takes up a lot of space, what with the computer itself, the monitor, keyboard and mouse. The computer fan can also be a bit noisy.

Enter the Shuttle D10.

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Samsung LN52A650 52-inch HDTV
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Spot Cool Stuff loves HDTV. After testing out several models we’ve settled on this Samsung. Besides the giant 52-inch screen framed by beautiful black trim what really stands out about this HDTV set is the high contrast picture it delivers. With its 50,000:1 contrast ratio the blacks are pitch, the whites are blinding, the colors all pop from the screen.

Picture quality is our highest priority in choosing an HD set. However, our inner gadget-lovers is more than satisfied by the array of bells and whistles this Samsung offers. The “Infoseek” feature lets users read RSS feeds on this set, a USB connection allows you to hook up a computer or MP3 player. There’s also picture-in-picture functionality, surround sound speakers and an exceptionally designed remote control. Now if they could only think of a better name for this HDTV set than “LN52A650.”


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