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The Coming Nintendo Wii Football Controller?

One of the best ways to foresee what’s coming down the gadget pike is to check out company patent filings. Though, of course, a patent for a product being filed doesn’t automatically mean the product will become reality.

With that caveat we bring you this bit of cool news: according to the excellent website Nintendo World Report a patent has been filed for a Wii interactive football controller.

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Two Cool Motor(uni)cycles

Compared to a car, a motorcycle is cheaper and more energy efficient. That’s what happens when you cut the number of wheels in half, from four to two. But what if you cut the number of wheels in half again, from two to one?

A decade ago the idea of a motorized unicycle might have been the subject for a gag article on The Onion. Even if it were possible to keep balanced while riding a motorunicycle it wouldn’t be possible to go much faster than walking speed (or to turn, or to stop) without falling down.

Then the Segway personal transporter came along. The Segway showed how gyroscopes can be used not only to maintain balance on a moving object but to control it through shifts in the rider’s body weight.

Here’s a look at two motorunicycles. Or at least they appear to be motorized unicycles at first glance. In fact, each makes use of an additional wheel (though in different ways). And neither makes use of a traditional combustion engine.

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The Cloudy Future of the Clear Cell Phone

There’s been a clear design trend towards cell phones with screens that occupy an increasingly large percentage of a device’s surface area. (Just compare the screen size of the BlackBerry Storm, for example, with the similarly sized BlackBerry models from a few years ago).

Might this trend towards having more glass on the front of a cell phone lead to more glass on the back and sides too?

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Flying Cars Ready For Take Off

The Transition is fueled by the same unleaded gasoline used by your typical earth-bound car.

The reality in 2009 is not the future people envisioned in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Where’s our colony on Mars?! Where’s our talking robots that will do all our household chores? Where’s our flying cars?!

We’re still far off from building a city on another planet. The closest we’ve coming to affordable chore-performing robots are the Looj and Rumba. But the flying car is no longer science fiction.

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The Keyboard PC Returns

Here’s a product we’re sure to be writing a full review for after it comes out in late May or early June: The Asus Eee Keyboard PC. As in, a keyboard that’s also a PC. Not a keyboard for a PC.

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The Best Reviewed Smartphone Never Built

Typically, smartphones are first designed by engineers, then marketed by electronics companies and then reviewed by magazines and by tech websites such as Spot Cool Stuff. The gadget blog T3 is striving to shuffle those steps around.

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Philips And The Birth Of Ultra-Wide HDTV. Maybe.

We love HDTV not only because the picture is superior to the old fashion television sets but because of the wider 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. Which is why one upcoming television has really caught our eye: The Philips Cinema 21:9.

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The Snow Shoveling Robot

It is snowing outside our office windows here at Spot Cool Stuff. We are inside and cozy now, typing these words to you fine people and nursing a warm cup of tea. But we know it is only a matter of minutes before we dig out a warm hat, attempt to find matching gloves and walk into the wintry outdoors to clear the snow off our driveway.

Today would be a perfect day to have an I-Shovel.

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